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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 14:37

5 Tips For Pulling Off A Casual Look

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Wearing Stylish dress does not only enhance your personality but also gives you confidence and poise. Good dressing helps you to stand out in a large crowd of people. Men should maintain their class when they dress up. You should look stylish and trendy in your daily life is a one thing but to wear something that is comfortable and goes out with your personality is another very aspect of dressing up. Whether you are riding a horse or a bike or you are just going to meet your friends, you should look sharp. Here are 5 tips for pulling off a casual look that might help you in looking better without wearing a suit:

  1. Dress like a man:

    If you want to look well dressed, be man and stop following youth around you and stop trying to look young. Dress like a mature man. This will enhance your masculinity. This does not mean you need to follow you dad’s dressing approach. All you have to do is avoid too flashy outfits and go for simple, elegant and trendy dressing. You can wear nice men's suits as suits are always so manly!


  1. Go for stylish pair of jeans:

    A pair of jeans gives you best casual look. Your jeans should be simple. Avoid loose baggy jeans because pulling them again and again will make you look lousy. Avoid ripped jeans as well. Wearing dark blue pair of jeans will make you look trendy and stylish. Always wear jeans with proper fittings.


  1. Wear stylish shirt:

    You can still look sharp even without wearing a suit. Plain white or grey shirt can be the best option for classy casual look. They can be best worn with the pair of jeans. You can try shirts with collars as well. Always wear shirt with perfect fittings. Remember…Don’t leave your wrist naked because naked wrists are boring. You can wear a watch or a leather bracelet. This will give more volume to your outfit.


  1. Wear classy footwear:

    Men usually don’t pay due attention to their footwear and end up wearing unpolished shoes or dirty sneakers. This ruins your overall look. You need to wear something dignified because ladies do notice footwear. Instead of sneakers loafers give you more stylish look. Loafers are a latest trend and are perfect option for a daily casual look. Brown loafers set well with every other colour. Loafers are comfortable than sneakers as well.


  1. Choosing right kind of jacket:

    Don’t be afraid of layering because of you don’t know how to match clothes. Layering makes your dressing interesting. Wearing a jacket over plain shirt definitely makes your dressing interesting. Wear a jacket that will enhance your casual look. A man looks best in jacket and a blazer because it elevates his masculinity. Imagine yourself wearing a plain white shirt with jeans, you add the casual jacket and suddenly you look more classy and sharp. Jackets and blazers are always cooler to wear. Never wear a too loose or too tight jacket or blazer. Go for the fitted ones.


Author Bio:

Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! :)


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