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Monday, 09 October 2017 23:13

How to earn money online through airtime recharge and get paid

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How to earn Millions online through recharge and get paid in Nigeria (RAGP)

Recharge And Get Paid

First let me give you idea of how you make money with this business

you can make money in 5 different ways just for doing nothing but only because you are a member or a shareholder with the major Telecommunication companies in Nigeria so you make money when you and people use their services like Recharging of phones, buying of Internet data bundle, paying of Dstv bills, Gotv, Startime, NEPA bills and many of them, imagine how much millions of people spend monthly on those things and you have your percentage in all money spent once you are a member.

Take Note: You are not selling recharge cards, BUT if you like you can sell recharge cards and data bundle to people using your VTU (Visual Top UP ) or even pay for yourself or people’s Dstv, NEPA and other bills all you need is as a member just be using the platform to recharge, buy bundle,pay bills and others using the same platform.

The same thing that you are doing is what those above you and below you will also be doing and the interesting thing is that everything you do is at reduced rate and you also get paid, imagine when Millions are under you using the same service and do you know how much you will be making daily?

Remember that you don’t necessary need to refer someone because once you become a member other people that registered after you will be placed under you and everything they do then you get paid in it just as anything you do as in recharging your phone and so on those above you get paid from your spending.

There are 6 membership packages that you may choose from and it also determine how deep in millions you can go with your earning, contact me, on whatsapp and I will explain it to you, but below is the membership packages

There are six membership packages depending on your budget with different advantages

BASIC 5,000,
BRONZE 10,000, 
SILVER 20,000
GOLD 30,000
DIAMOND 40,000 

Think about where millions of people are under you Nationwide and you get paid for money they spend in recharge cards and other bills.

Do you know in every 1 hour how much millions of people spend to recharge their phone or buy bundles in Nigeria? Not even talking about paying NEPA bills and Dstv and other bills.

Me personally every month I spend more than 10,000 Naira in bundle and recharge cards not even talking about NEPA and other bills you must pay.

Imagine when I spend let's say 10,000 naira a month, and those above me get 2% each from what I spend so now look at it this way where they get 2% of my 10,000 Naira monthly spending not to talk of 1 million people so just do the calculation for 10,000 people and see how much you earn a month and that's just 1 part of the earnings.

You CAN earn in 5 Different ways .

Imagine getting 2% Of what 10,000 people below you spend, not to talk of when 1 million people come under you

See the example calculation:

2% of 10,000 Naira used by 1 person is 200 Naira then multiply it by 10,000 people which is 200 x 10,000 = 2,000,000 (2 Million Naira).

Wonderful, that’s making 2 Million Naira a month, Just for recharge cards and bundle people under you buy, I can’t believe this.

Remember that it is a team work as we do in our group So once you join now next person come Automatically under you as spill over
Even if the person is registered using someone’s registration link you will earn from 10% of the money they paid for registration since they are under you Also anyone under you, in the whole team you earn 1% or 2% or 10% on them using the service like recharge, buy bundle, pay bills and so on and Millions of people can be under you.


* When you recharge you get paid
* When you buy data, you get paid
* You refer people, you get paid
* Your People recharge recharge you get paid
* Your people buy data, you get paid 
* Your people refer people, you get paid 
* When You register with RAGP, you get paid. 
* You are made a distributor and dealer with all privileges to Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Dstv, Gotv, Startimes, etc. The company partners with all the mobile networks in Nigeria.

* Each time you recharge either your phone or others you earn 2%. 
* Each time you purchase data either for your phone or others you earn 10%

RAGP is a simple project that is designed to reward everyone that uses airtime in any form, *CALLS,* *DATA* , *DSTV* *CABLES *BILLS* etc

You Get Paid Percentage for all Your DSTV,GOTV, STARCOM etcc Subscription Payment you Do From your RAGP Accounts.

Take Note: This opportunity has been existing since introduction of Mobile phone and others but it was only available to the rich people and banks but now it has been spread out so that ordinary people can also make money in the Telecommunication industry.
WhatsApp me to give you full details about this opportunity on +233 209619943

You can register and make subscription payment on their website at
During registration try and make sure that the Sponsor id must be ( sdominic )



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