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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 04:19

Very Nutritious Food: How to make Couscous with Goat meat in veggie sauce (Details)

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Very Nutritious and Delicious Food: How to make couscous with spicy & tasty Goat meat in veggie sauce (Details below)

Complement healthy nutritious couscous with spicy & tasty Goat meat in veggie sauce. The taste of this combination is absolutely delicious.


500g of Couscous
Half a kilo of Goat meat
Groundnut oil
Spinach (green leaf)
6 long carrots
8 balls of fresh tomatoes
4 fresh peppers
4 chili peppers
1 large ball of onion
A handful of ground crayfish
2 cucumbers(for dressing)
Knorr cubes
Salt to taste
2 tablespoonful (scoop) of butter



Boil one third(1/3) liter of water, add salt and a tablespoonful of oil. Remove from heat and add 500g of couscous. Allow to stand until all the water is absorbed (approximately 3-5 mins).
Allow Couscous to simmer on low heat while you stir with a fork to separate grains. Add few knobs of butter and bring down from heat when water is completely dried. (Couscous is ready to be served)Wash your goat meat and put in a clean pot. Add your sliced onion, salt, curry powder, Knorr cubes, bay leaf and a little water to enable your meat cook to your desired taste. When meat is cooked,bring down from heat and set aside.
Wash your spinach,slice and set aside.
Wash your tomatoes, pepper, onion, carrots and nicely slice into small fine pieces.
Place your dry pot on the cooker,add your groundnut oil and allow to heat for 2 mins.
Add your sliced pepper, carrot, tomatoes, onions and stir. Allow to cook to on low heat for for 3 mins. Add your goat meat, a pinch of salt, curry powder, ground crayfish & Knorr Cubes.
Stir gently and allow to simmer for 2 mins or more.
Add your sliced spinach and stir to allow all ingredients and vegetable mix together. Bring down from heat and its ready to be served.
Your Couscous is ready to be served with the sauce. You can gently slice your washed cucumber and use as a dressing for your meal.

Also take note: Couscous is made from DURUM wheat and its highly nutritious. Its a meal good for those with High Blood Pressure and diabetics.


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