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How To Sell Fast on seekers Match

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Selling fast means getting a lot of views for your Advert and getting a lot of people to be your customers as a result.

Here is how you can sell fast on Seekers Match:

All you need to do is to make your advert standout among the rest.

a. Writing the Advert Headline

  1. Be Brief: A good advert headline tells a lot about your advert in few words.

  2. Don't force yourself to write "catchy" headlines. Just write exactly what your ad is. e.g, instead of writing "A very high quality and and attractive phone" consider writing "Nokia Lumia 535 Phone Made in USA"

b. Writing Your Ad Description

  1. Instead of writing notes about your ad, consider outlining the major features of your ad in a list format. List format is more appealing and easier to read.

  2. Categorize the features of your advert for easy reading. Example:

        Phone Memory Card Features

        Phone Battery Features
  3. List enough of the features of your ad to make sure it completely describes exactly what you are selling.

  4. Write your ad in clear and simple language for easy understanding.

  5. Be professional and write full text instead of shorthand words and informal words. e.g write "My phone is original" instead of "ma fone x original"

  6. Be honest about your products and services. Don't write features or services you can't provide.

c. Use Real And Professional Images

  1. Ads with photos get better views, about 10 times than those with no photos. Ads without photos look incomplete and a lot of people tend to ignore them. Add photos to your ads always.

  2. Use clear and nice photos not photos with someone's brand watermarked on them.

  3. The product you are selling should be the major focus in the photo.

  4. The photo should be large enough. Recommended size is 800px

d. Pricing

  1. If your product looks too expensive, consider reducing the price. Know the market price of the product you are selling and let it guide your pricing.

  2. If your product looks too low or too expensive, consider explaining the price in your description. e.g. If the price is too low, make it known if discount/promotion is the reason for the low prices. If the price is too expensive, make it known, the unique features you have.

e. Use Keywords, Share to Social Network.

  1. Keywords: Keywords/Key-phrases are words or phrases that best describe your products. Typing in keywords or key-phrases helps your ad to appear in search results like that of Google, Yahoo and others so that people find it easily.

    Also Keywords and key-phrases help people on Seekers Match to find you advert easily. When people click on keywords or key-phrases related to your keywords or key-phrases under somebody's advert, your own advert will show up.

  2. Share to Social Networks: Sharing to social networks is also a very powerful way to get more publicity for your ad. Whenever you post and advert, social network share buttons are automatically generated on your ads. You can then use those social share buttons to share your advert to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

f. Promote Your Ad.

  1. You can promote your advert to be featured, highlighted and brought to top daily.

  2. Promoted ads get better views, up to 10 times than the other ads.

  3. Promoting your ad makes it look as if it has been endorsed by Seekers Match and people tend to pay better attention to it.

  4. It is affordable to promote your advert on seekers match
  5. Learn more about to Promote your Advert Promote Your Ad
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