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Friday, 19 August 2016 09:50

Pickpocket in Rio, Brazil: Broad Daylight Thieves (Shocking Video)

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Brazilian young thieves. at Rio, Brazil, stealing at Broad Daylight, Watch ( Shocking Videos )

This is unbelievable to watch Young thieves robbing innocent civilians and tourists in Rio Olympics 2016 Brazil. well if you think that African countries are corrupt and very dangerous to visit, I can tell you that you are very wrong because you cannot see such thing in Nigeria or Ghana, with many African countries I cannot mention all here, after watching this video I now confirm that we Africa is not corrupt like most other continent.

Imagine all this things happening at Broad Daylight and no one seems to care about it, then my question is, don't they have security services? is the government not aware of this things happening? I saw people around watching those things happening, do they have some share out of what those guys steal? I need answer to this questions please my readers.

This same PICKPOCKET business is happening in so many countries and I understand that they have little punishment attached to this offence.




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