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Friday, 13 January 2017 13:28

4+ Free Twitter Unfollow Tool to unfollow inactive twitter user

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Top 4 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers 2017

Twitter is a great marketing and promotional tool for online marketing and blogging, if you are looking for twitter unfollow all tool to use unfollow inactive twitter users or not following back twitter users then you have come to the right place.

Infarct do you know that Twitter has a following limit? so as of time of writing this article I want to tell you that Twitter's technical follow limits is that Every account can follow 5,000 users total. Once you've followed 5,000 users, there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow. This number is different for each account and is based on your ratio of followers to following; this ratio is not publish.

This piratically means that once you hit your follow limit you can not follow more people unless you unfollow those account that is not active or not following you back, example- if you follow 5,000 people - it means 5,000 people must follow you back, before you can be able to follow another 1,000 to 2,000 people else Twitter will not allow you to follow more people.

This is the reason this unfollow tools is very important to those of us that are into internet marketing especially using twitter as a marketing tool, below is the best list of tools that you can use to discover and automatically unfollow those people who do not follow you back, so make a choice as for me the best among the tools that I am using right now is UnfollowerStats  reason is because most of these free tools have limit of how many people you can unfollow in a day unless you upgrade to paid version to remove the limit but UnfollowerStats has not limit and it is completely free to use so now over to you, make your choice.

Free Twitter unfollow tool for unfollowing users who do not follow you back


1. UnfollowerStats


2. ManageFlitter 



3. Tweepi


4. CrowdFire


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I hope above information will help you to mass unfollow twitter users that are not active or who do not follow you back, so if you have any specific question just drop your comment and we will get back to you with answer, also share this post to help your friends that need to use this application to manage their twitter account. 

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