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Saturday, 14 January 2017 02:50

Proven Strategies in 2017 - How to Get twitter followers free

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How to get followers on twitter fast

When you create a twitter account, next thing that will come to your mind is how to get twitter followers or how to get twitter followers free, especially when you start out with none. I have come to help you to increase twitter followers free with this article.

Basically two important ways to get Twitter followers are to follow other people (including those who follow you) and to write interesting tweets on a regular basis.

Option 1: Fast Track to get twitter followers free 

Free tools to help you to Increase Your Twitter Followers:

* Hitfollow

Go to their website and login with your twitter username and password, then follow their simple steps to gain followers.



* PlusFollower 




Option 2:  Best solution to get twitter followers fast and free


* Start following other people.

Find people with interests similar to yours and follow them. That, in turn, will help you get Twitter followers. This is the most basic and quick way to get followers on Twitter who will really add value to your Twitter experience.

* Make sure you write a good twitter profile

Be sure to complete your Twitter profile first, before you do much following or tweeting. Invest time in learning the basics of how to use Twitter.

Before you start following people, remember that those people must check your profile so Complete your profile and have interesting tweets in your timeline before you start following the people you really want to follow you back.

* Make sure that you have a profile photo.

Before you start to follow people make sure that you upload a photo of yourself or your business in the bio area. Clearly identify yourself because People rarely follow strangers or unknown names without knowing who's behind that Twitter handle.

Take note that once you start following people and people also follow you back because of your profile also their followers will check you out as a follower of someone they follow and they may follow you too, this is the result of good and quality profile.

* Follow those who follow you.

This is very important because if you don't follow people who have taken their time to follow you, some of them may unfollow you, it is a good pratice to follow your followers because it may cause them to engage with you publicly on their timelines, attracting more attention from their followers.

* Tweet Regularly.

Tweeting at least couple of times a day will help you get twitter followers, at least 3 to 4 times a day and if you don't have time to tweet everyday then use twitter tools like tweetdeck or hootsuite to schedule tweets that will tweet for you automatically even if you are not online, check my article out about how to use them.

* Tweet about interesting topics and use popular hashtags.

The more you tweet about topics and hashtags that other people are interested in, the more likely they are to see your tweets when they run searches on those keywords and hashtags. If they like a tweet you send, they may click on your Twitter handle to check you out.

* Do not spam your followers with irrelevant tweets.

Make sure that you tweet meaningful topic that will interest your followers and it will get them engaged with your topic and that will in return make their followers to notice you and follow you so do not spam them with irrelevant tweets.


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I hope above information will help you on How To increase twitter followers free, so if you have any specific question just drop your comment and we will get back to you with answer, also share this post to help your friends that need to increase twitter followers free.

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