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Saturday, 14 January 2017 14:34

Hashtag meaning: What is a Hashtag? How do You use Hashtags?

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What is a HashTag?

Hashtag is a sign (#) before a word or phrase used on social network/social media websites and applications, especially Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and others to identify messages on a specific topic.

First time I started using Twitter, it did'nt take me long before I come across what’s known as a (#) hashtag. That’s when you see something in a tweet that has a # prefix. When I first saw these things, it took me a while to understand what the it was. But, once I “got it,” I realized it’s not as complicated as it seems.

Examples of hashtags

If you type #SEEKERSmatch or #seekersmatch (both is the same, because it’s not case-sensitive) into the Search box at the top of any Twitter page and hit Enter, you’ll get a list of tweets, most of which will be related to seekersmatch see below image.



Hashtag (Topic) Page


Where do hashtags come from and where can I use it in my tweets?

This question always come to our mind because there are a lot of confusion about these hashtag (#). Hashtags are NOT any kind of official Twitter function. The company has not created a list of topics that we can browse through to see if there’s one that interests us, it is only used my the twitter users so what is all about and
why must I use it?

I can tell you that any twitter user can create a hashtag simply by adding it to their own tweet at any position, it can be at the begining of the tweet or at the end of the tweet even in the middle of the tweet, watch some examples below.

Example 1.   Guys we have a promotion coming up, so check out more infor at #seekersmatch

Example 2.  #SEEKERSmatch has an event today and we expect everyone to be present.

Example 3.  Today's event at #SeekersMatch is great, thank you guys.


Why I must use hashtag (#) in my tweet.

Hashtags is used in our tweet because we want to create a topic that we want other twitter users to be part or for them to get more information about our topic when they visit our ( hashtag # topic ). Once we use a hashtag (#) before our chosen WORD or PHRASE then twitter will notice the hashtag (#) in our tweet and they will automatically create a page for the topic for us and organize all the tweets related to the topic in that page.

This is why once a twitter user notice the topic and search or click on the (hashtag # topic) on twitter they will be on our Topic page which is created automatically by twitter and they will immediately see all the tweets related to that topic sent by different twitter users from different country.

Note: I must mention this point, once our topic ( hashtag # ) is noticed and it gain a huge attention by twitter users in a given time (minutes or hour) it will start " Trending ", that is when you will see it on the "Twitter Trends List" located on the left side of twitter home page, once you login to twitter as shown below.



Hashtag # is used to organize our tweets, it is also used as means of spreading News around the world and as a marketing tool used by companies worldwide. It is good practice to use hashtags in our tweets, so practice it from today so that you will get used to it.

Tips: Remember that you must chose your own unique hashtag# that is related to your Topic or business, don't use someone's hashtag #, create your own and keep using it always in your tweets.


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I hope above information will help you to understand what is hashtag and how to use hashtag in your tweets, so if you have any specific question just drop your comment and we will get back to you with answer, also share this post to help your friends that need to understand what is hashtag #.

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