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Thursday, 16 May 2019 11:04

Why SEO should always be part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is focused on making the search algorithms work for your benefit. In driving more visibility for your business successfully in 2019, a creative website is simply not just enough, your website needs to be found by your existing and potential customers, hence the need for SEO. These reasons below offer some clarity, regardless of the industry or business size, as to why your business needs SEO to move to drive more sales.

1 Helps people find your website: SEO has a big role to play in your website traffic and also website performance and conversion. Traffic on search engine is the best traffic because people are actually searching for what you solve. Google, which is one of the top search engines has over 40,000 search queries every second on average which translates to over 3.5Million searches per day. So if you are looking to make sales, grow your business and keep people engaged with your website then invest more in search engine optimization.

2. Get more customers with Local SEO: If we’re talking about the reasons you need to invest in SEO, then local optimization should be on the list. Due to the increase of mobile and voice searches, local SEO has started to dominate the SEO trends. Searching for any business location on maps helps the user have more trust and knowledge of your business. Existing and potential customer can get to you faster, while you receive recognition through reviews.

Local search engines such as Google My Business is a great way to start your local optimization process. There you can add your business name, address, phone number, working hours, website, social media handles and lots more. There should also be a strong emphasis on user reviews on Google, as well as other reviews sites like Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List (among others), depending on your industry. If you find it difficult to set-up you’re your Google My Business Account, Contact us at Baynet Fuse Limited, we can get it done within a few minutes.

3. SEO Offers credibility and trust to your audience: SEO can make your brand stronger, better and well recognized. Every business wants traffic, trust and credibility but only a few know that SEO is highly involved in this process. The end goal should be that, when people search for business-relevant keywords and phrases, they should find you at the top of search results. Having a smart SEO strategy can earn you one of the top ranks on search engines, people start recognizing your brand and when they see your name often, they tend to trust you, as the businesses that appear on the first page are believed to be more trustworthy. Let’s help you build a trusted brand using SEO, contact us at Baynet Fuse.

4. SEO Influences the buying cycle: SEO will increase your sales without proportionately increasing your marketing costs, thereby growing profits exponentially and over time. It puts your brand and service where the customers expect to find it, It’s like a prospect magnet, attracting potential buyers to your website through critical and relevant keywords and phrases ranked high in the search engines where searchers are already looking for information about you. It’s about being where your customers are, and directing them towards solutions you offer them.

Now that you know how important SEO is to your business growth and increase sales, it’s time to join the train. Baynet Fuse Limited is here to help you get started.

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