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Thursday, 16 May 2019 11:16

Building your personal brand using LinkedIn

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Social media platforms have been known to facilitate the spread and visibility of products and services and thereby giving brands an upfront. One of the several social media platforms that can boost your brand is LinkedIn. As a brand, it’s one thing to know of a social media platform and another to know how to use it to develop your brand. So, how do you use LinkedIn to boost your brand?


This is a simple “come on board” signing up, next is a proper detailed description of what your brand entails. If you have a detailed LinkedIn profile, you can create opportunities, interactions, and connections with the audience in the long run. When anyone comes across the name of a brand on LinkedIn the first thing they look out for is “ what do they do”, LinkedIn is a network with more than 610 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, this expansive reach can make your content visible to customers near and far, making it an effective outlet to get in front of your audience in a credible way.


It is important to educate your audience on what you do, also importantly make them believe the best alone can come from your brand. Irrespective of your line of service you must pay attention to not only selling yourself but also paying attention to the needs of your audience. For example;A company sells face cream for acne and pimple, but instead of them just always lining up sales they instead detailed on how that product would improve the facials of anyone having ache and or pimple.

Like the company in the above scenario they have not only make their audience see that they are concerned about them but as well also marketed their products.


If you share good content on LinkedIn, you can stay above the competition, your influence grows, your core network appreciates your work and your article receives a lot of shares and views, it could get included on LinkedIn recommended content which will get read by many people outside your contacts. Posts with include links in your LinkedIn page posts wherever possible because posts with links generate more traffic compared to posts without links. You may decide to share just one unique article every month but if you need to grow your influence on LinkedIn, make sure you share updates regularly. At Baynet Fuse we advise you ensure to post content at least 3 times a week but let the content be of high quality.

Bottom line: LinkedIn is a powerful tool for anyone who focuses on making great connections, building an individual brand, and growing in their career. Your profile is the first point of contact with your followers. Getting high traffic of followers on your contents is a great way of making your brand popular. Make it interesting. You should use your platform to position yourself as respectable and competent.

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